• FAQ's

    Some of the most commonly asked questions

    What areas do you serve?

    I can show you properties all over the Catskills but I specialize in Delaware County, New York.

    Why work with a local agent?

    I once lived in an apartment in NYC’s Upper East Side. My super practiced ‘black magic’ making heat, hot water and gas appear in the apartment. The leap to home ownership can be a daunting one when you are now responsible for a well, septic (especially in a Watershed) and uninvited guests…Pro Tip: Put moth balls or peppermint oil in your engine compartment to keep field mice from nesting and potentially chewing wires!


    We aim to reduce anxiety about the new responsibilities of home ownership in a rural area. Empowering buyers with knowledge reduces anxiety and homeowners become good stewards in their new dwelling.


    We like to know the nuances of local roads. Is it a town-maintained road or is there a road maintenance agreement in place? We live and work in the community so we are aware of building practices, subdivision requirements, building setbacks, etc. These change from town to town. We can point you to the appropriate officials (code enforcement officers, planning boards, etc.) so that you can renovate or build and finalize your vision for a property.


    We can also tell you about the community because we live here. Living rurally is wonderful but when you ‘come down the mountain’, you want to know that there are good people around you. And there are! The relationship doesn’t end with a sale. We aim to acquaint new buyers and assist sellers with transitions.


    The advantage of a local agent is not just an advantage to buyers. We help sellers with preparing a home for sale, competitive pricing, determine selling strategy/advertising and marketing and negotiate with buyers.

    What do I need to know before making an appointment to see a home?

    Ideally, a pre-qualification from a bank. Due to the current climate of real estate, homes are going ‘contingent’ quickly. A pre-qualification or proof of funds will ensure that an offer is given consideration. Sometimes it may be required by listing agents to confirm a visit to a property.

    What do I need to know about purchasing a home in the Catskill Watershed?

    The Watershed is a protected area as steams and rivers feed into the reservoirs that ultimately provide drinking water to NYC. NYC purchases land to preserve the Watershed. Additionally, septic systems are monitored to ensure no breech of contamination. Reimbursement is provided for failed septic systems— up to 60% for weekenders and up to 100% for full time residents.